How we can help...

Why do we do it?

We believe in our own values – that taking part and making a difference matters.

It matters because people will not get involved in and enable transformational change without value-led communications, robust engagement and feedback.

It matters because our campaigning approach creates social mobilisation by sharing values, turning a vision into action.

It matters because honesty and transparency are paramount when it comes to consultation and stakeholder engagement. This requires well designed and fair dialogues – and that’s what we like building.

It all matters because everything we do is harnessed through good insight, honest communications and shared experiences.

Good engagement requires a mixture of face-to-face dialogue and digital engagement, structured around shared values or a common vision.

This diagram explains the principles of enabling people to deliberate the issues around their experiences with others to develop a shared vision of how to move forward.

Of course, even in the digital age, people need to get together face-to-face. This may mean focus groups, house meetings, workshops, road shows and so forth. It may mean exploring the detail of an issue at deliberative events. The team at Participate excel at face-to-face engagement, deliberative techniques and qualitative research.
We use our digital engagement platform to harness the power of the Internet and social media to engage online, to share stories, to gather insight and to harness the power of the crowd.
We use research techniques to understand what people think and what they care about. This gives us good customer, citizen and stakeholder insight to inform transformational change programmes or to help ensure our clients remain people-focused in what they do!