How we can help...

  • Do you need strategic advice and guidance to give some objectivity and clarity?
  • Perhaps you need help in writing engagement & communications plans or strategies?
  • You may need help to design and structure effective events, workshops, surveys, focus groups etc?
  • Or do you need somebody senior to MC a large event and provide facilitators for forums/groups?
  • What about digital engagement – are you making the best of social media and do you have the right web based platform?
  • Have you got the capacity and expertise to write engagement copy, produce animations, videos and other materials?
  • Finally,once you have all this insight can you analyse it and report upon the findings?

If you need any help, with any of the above, we can provide it.  We work with our clients throughout the UK either on an ongoing support basis or  for one-off projects and tasks.  Just call us on 0845 094 8191 or email for further details.

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